The Danish Club is first and foremost a members' club for members run by members. You can volunteer in various ways and be part of a rich and vibrant community valued by everyone and connect with others to get the feel of the Danish culture (please get in touch if you would like to get involved).

The Committee

As a committee member you have an influence on the club activities and how it is run. All members are welcome to join and put their hands up to be part of the committee, which will typically be done at the yearly annual general meeting around September but sometimes roles need to be filled during the year. It has and always will be up to the committee members at any time to 'run the show' and make sure the broader community of members are represented.

Event Volunteers

As an event volunteer you will be part of the events planned throughout the year in whatever capacity possible. You might help once a year but you might also like to participate at all events. Anyone is welcome to be part of the fun and make the club events an amazing time. Typically there will be a call for action asking for volunteers to come forward to give everyone the chance to have a 'hyggelig' time with other members and help out. It is crucial to have enough members volunteering at events as they are the lifeblood/backbone of the club and where many members meet - we can't do it without you. If you volunteer at events, you do not need to register yourself as attending, the organisers will count you in automatically (but please register family members or ask the event lead(s) to do so). You will also be looked after and generally speaking, whatever goodies are being prepared on the day is complimentary for event volunteers.

Extra Hands

There are always things happening behind the scenes and there are always tasks to be done with everything from mowing, picking up cheese, dressing up as Santa, website assistance, anniversaries etc.