The club is a great venue for different types of events for club members and beyond. Beside the club activities throughout the year, there are other parties using the club.

Users of the Club

Booking of the Club by Members for Private Events:
As a member benefit, you can make a request to book the club for a private event. Your request will be reviewed depending on what type of event you would like to book for. 

Booking of the Club by Members for Commercial / Non-private Events:
Some members are using the club ongoing on a permanent basis for activities other than private.

  • BRICKS 4 KIDZ, which also gives back to the club by offering free tickets in the holidays throughout the year.
  • The Danish Folk Dancers, for which all participants pay a yearly membership fee or equivalent to.
  • The Danish Play group / Family Days (membership required).

Other Parties Renting the Club:
External parties might request to rent to club, which includes at present:

  • The dance group Corner Pocket Swing.

Other clubs use the venue including:

  • The Swedish Club
  • The Norwegian Club.

Friends of the Club:
As the club has established friends over the years e.g. neighbouring businesses etc. there are exemptions to the rule about who can book/rent the club, which is the case with some friends who often provide help to the Danish Club when needed. These are:

  • NAS 
  • Mariner's Reach 

Booking and Costs

All requests will be reviewed individually and is subject to availability.

Prices (rent)

Danish Cultural Events:
Members and/or companies who promote the Danish way of life and culture can apply for rent exemption.
All rental requests will be reviewed individually and is subject to availability.
Cleaning charges may or will apply. 
Standard/Associate member: 50% of non-member charge
Monday to Thursday - $20 per hour – maximum charged $100
Thursday to Sunday - $25 per hour – maximum charged $125
Cleaning - $130
Deposit - $500

External Parties:
Requests reviewed on a case-by-case approach.
Monday to Thursday - $40 per hour
Friday to Sunday - $50 per hour
Cleaning - $130.
Deposit - $500.

Special Events:
From time to time, there might be special occasions where the club will waive the fee for rent.
Requests from volunteers will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Bar Service:
Upon requests, bar service can be offered by a small fee (requests and terms to be individually arranged).

Associated costs (may vary)

  • Cleaning:
  • Deposit:
  • Key deposit:
    $50 (required for non-volunteers)

The Club Facility

There are certain guidelines to follow when using the club, which some of are outlined below:

  • The club must be empty by 10pm. 
  • The club must be left in the same condition as it was received.
  • Empty general bins including the three toilet bins.
  • Sweep the floor.
  • Chairs and tables to be stabled (10 in a stack).
  • Indoor furniture stays inside.
  • Clean kitchen if used (including kitchen tables).
  • Turn off air conditioning and lights.