New Committee Member - Peter Madsen

By Mathilde

Please welcome the newest committee member, Peter Madsen, to the club. Peter attended the last committee meeting in February and we look forward to getting to know Peter better and having some good times in the club.

Here a short Q&A so that you all know a little more about Peter. 

1) What is your Danish connection?
My Grandparents Kjeld and Ellen Madsen who came over in 1956, from Denmark on the boat called Skaubryn.

2) What do you love the most about Denmark and Danish-ness?
Firstly – The Food. Secondly - I have always found Danish people to be so happy and fun to be around, also the Danish Christmas is a highlight of the year for me. 

3) Why did you decide to join the committee and get involved in club work?
I have been coming to the club with my grandparents since I was born so I thought it would be a great experience to see if I could add value or help out – also to try understand the Danish language a bit better.

Peter Madsen

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We’ll come to the Danish Committee,Peter

Posted by Harly no 153 , 17/05/2022 7:21:43 am

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