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20% DISCOUNT on certain products and tickets for all PAYING MEMBERSHIPS


DANISH CLUB BRISBANE exists because of paying members through annual fees and by supporting the club with resources, time and donations. This is in solidarity with other members for the club to survive and for our Danish identity and culture to thrive into the future.

Of course, guests are welcome to the club too and we encourage everyone to visit a couple of times to see the club, participate in events and have a great time. If you would then like to come more to the club, we would like you to become a member to use the club services ongoing. 


Membership is granted by the management committee at the next following meeting, in the case of a rejection of a membership application your payment will be refunded.
IF YOU ARE SIGNING UP FOR A PAID MEMBERSHIP TO RECEIVE A 20% DISCOUNT FOR CAFE DANMARK - Please make sure to process your payment straight away.
If you experience any issues please email Peter W. Hansen at
Family membership is $60 and includes a partner and children (to 18 years of age), the single membership at $40 is for ONE person.
  • ORDINARY FAMILY or SINGLE Member: 20% Discount applies
    This is for you if you are Danish by birth or a Danish descendant, or if you are married or partnered with a Danish person.
  • ASSOCIATE Member: 20% Discount applies
    Any person of good repute over the age of 18 years, who does not meet the above criteria for ORDINARY Member, can apply for Associate membership which does not include voting rights.

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