Danish Club Brisbane hosts events throughout the year for members but we also welcome friends of the club and guests.



Event Organisers

Events by the Committee:
The committee organises approximately one event per month, which will vary throughout the year to accommodate for all members of the club (January is event free).

Events by Members:
Members are encouraged to come forward at any time to plan an event, workshop or anything else that could be valuable to the community.


Food and Beverages

The menu and food on offer vary depending on the specific events (complimentary coffee and tea are available at all events).


Shop and Danish Goodies

We try to have the bar and ‘shop’ open at all events so you can buy Danish goodies - sometimes it will also be possible to buy cheese, herrings and other goods (take away alcohol will be for members only).



All independent 'Danish" businesses are welcome to have stalls and make events at the Club. Want to know more? Please click here  CONTACT

Currently, we have Britt's Organic Bakery and other independent and creative 'Danish' businesses will be at the club when possible - but we are always looking for more businesses to join our events.


Attendance, RSVPs and Bookings

Depending on the event, members will be invited first whereafter invitations are open to friends of the club and the public (this might vary from event to event).
There might be price differentiating for members and non-members. 
Certain items might be offered by pre-booking while others might not (go to the website under calendar and the specific event to find out).
Once an event opens for registrations, members will be notified via the website/email/app - and keep an eye out on the specific event page.
Bookings via phone and/or email are welcome too.

Seating, Tables and Chairs

The club has tables and chairs to seat 150 people in the club house and can have additional tables and benches setup.
Please note, if you arrive early, the courtyard will be open as a ‘waiting room’ until the doors officially open.


We welcome guests to the club but we would appreciate if you could please write yourself in the guest book upon arrival if you visit the club without a registered booking and aren't a member (you might need to ask where it is as it is not always out on the table).


Please note...

The club reserves the right to change dates and what's on offer as needed.


Volunteers are crucial for hosting any events and the committee takes the right to cancel at any time if the events are short on hands.

There will generally be volunteer advantages every time you choose to assist at an event and sometimes a setup is based on an individual case.


If attending an event and you don't want to be in photos taken by club representatives on the day, please let a member of the committee know upon arrival.


We try and make every effort to accommodate any special regards to allergies etc. whenever possible. Please inform the event organiser as soon as possible!

Upcoming Events
Cafe Danmark - Saturday 24th August 2024 Cafe Danmark - Saturday 24th August 2024

Cafe with all your favourite smørrebrød, drinks and Danish 'hygge'

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24 August 2024