We have once again been invited by the Saga Vikings.

There will be catering and an evening bon-fire.
Location: "Black Forest" 110 (149) Byrnes Road North, Joyner QLD 4501
Head for the YMCA camp in Byrnes Road, drive to the end of the road and it's on the right side This "Sct Hans Bål" event is being put on by the Saga Vikings and can be warmly recommended, some catering is available and so is on-site camping for a brisk tent experience, my wife and I have done this for years and will again this time.
Don't forget to bring along a torch, a comfy chair and warm clothes(over-nite camping will require extra warm blankets!!).
Entry is free but donations very appriciated.
See more inside the June newsletter now out and online here via link on front page.

The Danish Radio / TV has a current program hosted by Lars Mikkelsen on the History of Denmark, and the 3rd episode cover the Vikings.
See it here: Historien om Danmark