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New Members
Martin Ibsen & Olga Holberg
Michelle MacFarlane,
Birthe Andersen,
Tanah Merah
Kenneth Fraser & Nina Kavetsky,
Oyvind & Ruth Schougaard,
John & Elizabeth Tibbits,
Danish Dual Citizenship

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The Danish Association Heimdal
Brisbane, Australia

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Club hours

Outside our use, the club is available for hire, and is often in use by privat parties.
Contact us if you want to know more.

Heimdal Functions and Events

Scandinavian Festival Austin St - 13 Sept 2015

The Festival is soon upon us, and we can use some additional volunteers for a 2-3 hour stint in the Danish activities

Calling stallholders and volunteers!
Raffle ticket sellers, this years prize value is even greater than ever, AND the odds are the best, only 5000 tickets will sold!

Jugglers! Bearded ladies! Magicians! Street musicians!

We have a long list of stalls, this will be a very big event and we will need all the help we can get, if successful it will be a major fund raiser for the club.

Visit the festival site here.

Heimdal AGM - Wednesday 30 Sept 2015

We are planing for the Annual General Meeting for a weekday night which seemed to work well last year.

While the current team plan to mostly stay on, it would be good with a few more younger members join in the fun.

The committee meets once a month during the year, as well we try and help out as workers at our regular events, but if you join the committee you will also have opportunities to do some of the fun jobs in the background, we have a monthly newsletter, membership management, treasurer, web-site and planing for future club improvement.

As well as the club is doing at present, it needs to be understood that some of us have been at it for several years, we need to anticipate the day where it is time to step down, and pass on to a new team.

The best way to prepare for a hand over, is to have new energy join the committee to work and learn over some time, before being confidently able to take over the responsibilities.
Anyway you can safely turnup at the AGM, as nobody will work you hard to join the committee, just come and vote the committee back in.

Dobbelt Statsborgerskab - 1 September, 2015 00.00 AM

As mentioned earlier in our newsletter the Danish law regarding Dual Citizenship has changed, and as of September this year, you can now legally become a citizen of another country and retain your Danish as well.

This affects among others, Danes around the world and in Australia who was born in Denmark, and now live in another Country.

Till now while your children (born here) had the option of being both Danish and Australian, you would have to make a choice.
Acquiring Australian and you could not keep the Danish, but YOU CAN NOW!

And not only can you do that, but all the Danes who over the years have lost their Danish citizenship, when they decided to become Australian, you can now by way of a simple declaration and payment of a fee re-acquire the Danish citizenship.

Time limit!... If you want to re-gain the Danish citizenship there is a 5 year period to September 2020 to apply.