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New Members
Johanne Merete Villesen-Hornum,
Rod & Jacki Patch,
Maria Faurskov Nielsen & Peter Jacobsen,
Spring Hill
Mathew Brady,
Henrik & Diana Steenberg,
Chapel Hill
Lars & Wen Vester,
Highgate Hill
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Danish Class at St Lucia Mar 2013

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Club hours

Outside our use, the club is available for hire, and is often in use by privat parties.
Contact us if you want to know more.

Heimdal Functions and Events

DABGO Stambord - 1 Oct 2014 6 PM

Soren Hoimark is the local contact for DABGO and the group meets at the Danish Club on the first Wednesday of the month. Visit the DABGO website to join and get more information.

Store kolde bord - Sunday 9 November 2014 12.30noon for 1pm start

Enjoy a traditional Danish Sunday lunch at the club with family and friends. Book early.

Carsten Knudsen Feb 2014 - Show great success

Carsten Knudsen på scenen i  Heimdal Brisbane pic
Carsten took the initiative and contacted the Danish Club about 2 years ago to arrange an evening’s entertainment at the Danish Club in Brisbane, and the day finally came when around 100 members and guests could enjoy his show with comedy and musical entertainment.
When in Denmark Carsten of course performs in Danish, however, in consideration of the Australians in the audience, the show was performed mostly in English – some things you just can’t translate but it was classic Carsten Knudsen and all enjoyed themselves immensely.
It’s not often we get the opportunity to present a live performance by a talented Danish musician and we would like to thank Carsten very much for making the trip to Australia and sharing his talent with us.

Friday 28 February at Café Danmark we will screen a DVD given to us by Carsten Knudsen of a show in Denmark – this will be the first official meeting of the Carsten Knudsen Fan Club of Brisbane.
Soren Nielsen has been appointed President of the Carsten Knudsen Fan Club and will conduct the DVD presentation of the show.