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New Members
Johanne Merete Villesen-Hornum,
Rod & Jacki Patch,
Maria Faurskov Nielsen & Peter Jacobsen,
Spring Hill
Mathew Brady,
Henrik & Diana Steenberg,
Chapel Hill
Lars & Wen Vester,
Highgate Hill
Danish Dual Citizenship


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The Danish Association Heimdal
Brisbane, Australia

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Outside our use, the club is available for hire, and is often in use by privat parties.
Contact us if you want to know more.

Feb 2014, Carsten Knudsen underholder i Play Grp pic
Vi er en gruppe forældre, der taler dansk med vores børn – vi ved, at de lærer dansk fra os, men hvad de lærer gennem leg med andre danske børn er en anden ting, hvilket er grunden til, at vi startede den danske legestue.

70 Birthday Party Feb 2014 pic
We had a fabulous evening on February 8 celebrating 11 birthdays. Nine 70 Year birthdays, one 60 and one 75 years.
Over 100 people where gathered at the Danish Club where Søren and Lone, with help from other dedicated club members had put on a feast for us.
Carsten Knudsen på scenen i  Heimdal Brisbane pic
Carsten took the initiative and contacted the Danish Club about 2 years ago to arrange an evening’s entertainment at the Danish Club in Brisbane, and the day finally came when around 100 members and guests could enjoy his show with comedy and musical entertainment.